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Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd are the leading sugarcane tube manufacturers. They are well known for their excellent quality sugarcane tube packaging made perfectly according to the customers’ needs, keeping in mind the environmental benefits. Producing extraordinarily impressive and a wide range of products with the best packaging makes us the best manufacturer in the whole world. Our outstanding quality and our unbelievably lower prices make us the top brand that provides the most economical solution of packaging considering the environment. To ensure a happy shopping experience, we ensure that our products are delivered worldwide with safety within the shortest period.

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Mar 22,2023

What You Need to Know About Eye Cream

Eye creams are moisturizing commodities that their manufacturers have developed to meet the particular requirements of the delicate human eye area. Utilizing an eye cream daily could help people moisturize their skin in this area to avert dryness while also playing a crucial role in maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Apart from that, using eye cream also helps promote the under-eye skin by making it appear firmer, plumper, and smoother. Eye cream manufacturers pack eye creams in eye cream tubes after bulk purchasing those tubes from a well-known eye cream tube provider. When people use eye creams constantly as a part of their everyday regimen, eye creams help decrease the look of fatigue and aging signs around their eyes and provide essential care and moisture to this weak area.    How Do Eye Creams Help Prevent Wrinkles? Several eye creams encompass beneficial ingredients that decrease the appearance of wrinkles and keep the skin near the eyes looking bright and healthy. Eye creams contain more hydrating and oil ingredients than other skincare commodities. They are also creamier and thicker than the rest of the goods. Eye creams contain retinol, an ingredient that helps treat eyes and avert wrinkles. Retinol is derived from vitamin A, which allows the growth of cells. Wrinkles appear due to the aging of the skin and a decline in its capacity to produce cells as speedily as it was younger. When people apply a retinol-rich and hydrating cream, their skin cells experience an energizing rise in development, decreasing wrinkles' appearance.    Benefits of Using Eye Creams This blog section discusses some advantages of using eye creams, which will make you bulk purchase eye creams from their well-reputed Traders.   Eye Creams Help Prepare Skin for Makeup  Eye creams do an excellent job of lessening and smoothing the looks of puffiness and dark spots. This plays a crucial role in more smoothly applying a concealer and ensures that the skin near the eyes does not develop expression lines throughout the day.   Eye Creams Protect and Strengthen Delicate Skin Thin skin beneath the eyes is more susceptible and vulnerable to irritants than other face parts. Eye creams contain ingredients specifically targeting this to make the area around the eyes more resilient.    Eye Creams Soothe Tired Eyes Eye creams contain nourishing and calming ingredients to comfort the skin underneath the eye. They could also be creamy and rich or non-greasy and light with a subtle coldness in temperature.    Eye Creams Help Minimize the Look of Puffiness Things such as aging, allergies, and sleep deprivation cause liquid buildup responsible for puffiness. The ideal eye creams are composed of ingredients that decrease the fatigue's visible signs and thus minimize puffiness.    Factors to Consider While Purchasing Eye Creams This blog section discusses the factors people must consider while buying eye creams from their dealers.    Consider Your Particular Requirements People need first to ask themselves the question of why do they want to purchase and use eye creams. It is essential to know what they are interested in achieving before shopping. This would let them narrow their options and find an eye cream that meets their requirements. Eye cream manufacturers develop some eye creams to target particular concerns, whereas others have all purposes. If people are uncertain about their main concern, they can always seek advice from an esthetician or dermatologist. These medical professionals can look at their skin and help them decide which matters must be their topmost priority.   Have a Look at the Eye Cream's Ingredients The ideal eye creams contain active ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or retinol. These ingredients have proved themselves efficient in decreasing aging signs. People would also be interested in guaranteeing that the eye cream they opt for is non-comedogenic means it will not block their pores and be ideal for their delicate skin. It is also necessary for people not to purchase eye creams that consist of dyes, fragrances, or other dangerous chemicals. These could irritate the skin near their eyes and do more harm than good. Whenever people have doubts, they should always read the eye cream's ingredient list before purchasing. This would help them circumvent any unneeded surprises and ensure that they get the eye cream that will be advantageous for their skin.   Consider Their Budget The price of eye creams could range from twenty united states dollars to hundred united states dollars or more. It is necessary to buy an eye cream that suits their budget and fulfills their requirements. Just because a commodity is more costly does not necessarily tell us that it is better. There are several premium quality eye creams that are economically priced. Thus people should read reviews and do some research to find the ideal eye cream for their budget and requirements. People might find great eye cream at their local drugstore.   

Dec 14,2022

Tubed Packaged Goods Making Your Products Stand Out

Tube packaging is seen to be the future of the packaging industry as tube packaging is not just limited to the typical tube packaging methods, but there are various different ways in which tube packaging could be used to make your packaging a lot more attractive and interesting for the users. For a lot of us, the concept of tube packaging is still limited to boxes and bags, as whenever we think of box packaging, we usually picture boxes or bags in our head; thus, for a lot of us, tube packaging is just limited to it. But this Is where the opportunity lies in the industry. When it comes to tubed packaged goods, there are various different ways these tube packings can be used in order to present some great types of packaging. These could be in the form of paper can tube packaging. In the various different famous products, we get to see that there are various different brands that have been using the tube packaging solution in the packaging industry. There are various different brands that follow the cylindrical shape in order to package the goods. However, it is the cylindrical shape that is not specially optimized. Thus, with the growth and development of e-commerce, there is a need for new uses of these tube packaging that are highly innovative. Some examples of this packaging are in the form of the following:   Chic Paper Cans that are Being Used in Candles Chic paper cans are the type of products that are frequently seen to be used not only because of the fact that they offer quality packaging but also because of the fact that it adds to the aesthetics of the candle and makes it appear a lot more attractive. These paper tube packaging can lure you into the looks. These candles use a circular shape in order to create a round tube-like pattern. With the use of kraft paper tags, these packagings are used to attract the user.   Salt Cup in a Paper Tube  The salt cup is a brand that was created with a purpose. The purpose was to create a brand that would be helpful for women to take care of their period in a better and more sustainable way. Thus, they brought a revolution in the market in the form of these reusable menstrual cups that can not only be used again but are also preferred because of the fact that it makes the product appear a lot more attractive as we can see that they are creating new standards for feminine hygiene products and not only that but by providing an outstanding packaging they were able to manage an ultimate packaging choice for their product making it appear a lot more classy and unique.   The Good Hippie and Sustainable Paper Cans In the case of an organic brand, there are a lot of things that need to be considered, and of course, the packaging is still one of the most important. These are the products that are natural and nurtured, as they are good for the body and mind. The packaging of these beauty products makes them a lot more attractive, making their products very inviting as the tubes are designed in an abstract way with the use of watercolor stamps that are scattered all over the box, giving it a pretty real and natural look as they use sustainable material.   Yousli The New Sustainable Muesli  This is the brand that offers muesli right at your doorstep within days of making them. The packaging of this muesli is something that perfectly goes along with the natural process of the production of cereals. The use of bold colors gives a perfect rustic vibe that can immediately catch the attention of an audience. Giving a vibe of a healthy muesli breakfast.    Musee Bath Bombs  Beauty products are considered great products that could be used in order to represent contemporary, elegant packaging design. There are various different types of bath bombs available in the market, and each of them covers a different type of purpose. Thus there are various different types of paper that are used in different designs of tube packaging and offer a relaxing feel to it. It is also super consistent with the brand.   Sophia’s Tea Before we talk about what Sophia’s tea is, it should be made clear that Sophia’s tea is not a brand but it is a design project. It is a perfect example that reflects how paper cans can be used for tea packaging. In order to make it more attractive and lively, the tube packaging can easily grab the attention of the audience.   Oink Oink  Oink is a brand that is known to sell delicious pork rinds in food-friendly tube packaging as well. Each container comes along with two smaller bags of pork rinds. They design papers that can go perfectly with the design and branding, providing a great example of brand consistency.    Equal Dental Products Dental products are not usually the best-looking products when it comes to design and packaging. These are the dental products that usually often come in white boxes that reflect the ideal color of teeth, like Colgate, for instance, making a slight change by betting on red.    The Spirit of Lume Elisir Lume elisir is an Italian brand that is famous because of the fact that they sell ingredients to make DIY spirits right from your own home. Their unique tube packaging is the reason that they are famous as a unique brand itself. It is about indulging in the experience of spirits. This begins with the intricate design of the tube packaging.   Zara Being the king in the industry of fashion world, Zara is a brand that is creating some new trends by using the latest methods of tube packaging. These paper cans make an enjoyable option for the audience.     

Nov 11,2022

The Definitive Guide on Cosmetics Package Design

Few industries, like cosmetics and beauty, can develop die-hard and loyal customers. Cosmetic items are essential in bathroom cabinets worldwide, regardless of the makeup people do with those items on their faces. Every woman utilizes cosmetic products on her face daily. This means if anyone owns a cosmetics or beauty line, they can earn significant market share, profits, and revenue. But this also tells us that cosmetics producers are interested in increasing their income, profits, and market share significantly in the cosmetics market. They should find a method to make their potential customers realize this is lipstick for them. And an excellent way to do that is through cosmetic packing. Plastic cosmetic tubes are one of the types of cosmetic packaging.     Cosmetic packing is the first thing that can turn cosmetic die-hards into customers. If that packing succeeds in grabbing their attention and addresses them adequately, then those cosmetic die-hards will probably buy that cosmetic product and use it. If that does not happen, then that cosmetic product will gather dust on its shelf. Now the question that would be coming to your mind is how precisely should cosmetics production houses develop the type of packing that attracts their ideal customers towards their beauty product. This blog discusses all the details cosmetics makers need to establish packing that seems better than other cosmetic products and makes people purchase their cosmetic products and apply them on their faces.   Prime Before Designing Before cosmetics makers begin with their packing design, there are some things they should clarify.   Describe Their Ideal Customer Cosmetic makers need to know who they are designing for. Who is their ideal customer? Are they teen girls who love sparkles as they feature boy bands? Are they brown or black women who are interested in wearing makeup that matches the tone of their skin? Are they masculine men who want to have baby-soft skin? And after knowing who they are and what they are searching for in the brand of a cosmetics hub. Cosmetics makers need to answer the question of what will grab their attention.   Describe Their Brand Personality The brand's identity is equally important as the customer's identity. All cosmetics makers must know who they are as their respective brands, and the personalities they are interested in portraying to their customers will decide what design elements they utilize in their packing.     Describe How Their Ideal Customers are Purchasing Their Product Cosmetics makers should consider how they will sell their commodities. Are they selling in-store or online? In huge retailers or in small boutiques. Their design strategy may change depending on where they are keeping their commodities.    Develop a Mood Board for Their Brand An excellent thing that cosmetics makers should do before they begin designing is to develop a mood board for their brand. They should pull together advertisements, colors, images, and whatever else they feel embodies their brand's personality; these would inspire them as they go through the designing procedure.   Let Cosmetic Packing Trends Inspire Cosmetics Traders If cosmetics producers want to be a little inspired for their packing design, there is no better method to begin than viewing the latest cosmetic packing trends. Once cosmetics makers know what is trending, they can develop packing that is essential for their customers right now and rightly speaks to them. Cosmetics producers must remember that they should choose a trendy, modern, and universally attractive look, so their packing design seems updated for the longest possible period.   Intricate Line Drawings Intricate drawings utilizing fine lines and a lot of information are a timelessly pretty cosmetic packing trend. Mainly hand-made and floral drawings work effectively, either cleverly put in selected regions or covering the whole commodity. If cosmetics makers are going for less feminine packing but want something detailed and elegant, they must adopt a clean, geometric and cool drawing style. This packing trend is ideal for them if their brand has an eye for information or if they are looking for a beautiful and subtle method of displaying what is inside their packing by mentioning the ingredients they use.   Special Custom Fonts The bold font trend people are viewing across the board in graphic designing naturally extends to cosmetic packing. Special fonts could give their packing a lot of character. Typography is an excellent way for cosmetics makers to express their brands, and a hand-lettered font could let them stand out among their rivals. Whether a particular font carries a retro vibe, a quirky flair, or a bold statement, a particular font should surely stick in people's minds.    Bold, Attractive Patterns With wild color and loud stripes combinations, the bold design trend will make cosmetics makers' packing seem attractive on the shelves. Beautiful and well-placed designs make their packing pop and provide the brand with a young and confident look that helps them stand out among their rivals. Irregular designs are a reoccurring cosmetic packing trend that can help cosmetics makers' packing get a specific edge. But that does not mean that their brand has to be loud and young to utilize this trend: abstract designs could work for every brand as long as they get the shapes and colors right.    Cool Black Packing with a Twist White and black cosmetics packing is a long-lasting trend people never get tired of. What is new in the packing designs we are presently seeing is that whereas white was an irresistible choice for cosmetic packing, black seems to lead to monochrome packing right now. To add a fascinating twist, these patterns utilize small props of color and subtle designs to attract people. Packing that is primarily black seems luxurious and has an air of coolness and mystery. Moreover, if people choose a classy monochrome structure, their packing will never lose its style.    Advanced Minimalist Pastels Minimalism and pastels are a match made in paradise. Whereas pastels would soften an otherwise severe-looking minimalist packing design, a clean and minimalistic design would guarantee that the cosmetics maker's pastel packing seems grown up and advanced. Play with the two concepts and find the appropriate mix for their brand. Cosmetics makers can keep it stylish and simple by choosing one pastel shade that speaks to their brand and customers, or they can work with a pastel combination to look dreamy and playful look. As far as cosmetic packing is concerned, anything goes. Cosmetics makers must try to look different. They should play around with patterns that speak to you and that provide an expression of what their brand is all about. Its special patterns look different from another cosmetic packaging.   Lush Florals and Earthy, Warm Colors A stylishly-vintage trend people fail to get enough of is cosmetic packing coated in warm, rich florals and earthy natural tones. At the same time, this trend has a feminine and attractive vibe to it. It could also feel comfortable and warm. This combination of rich, lush floral pictures with simple typography leads to a classical style that develops a luxurious yet approachable look.   What we Thought There are many opportunities in the cosmetics and beauty industry. And with the appropriate commodity, the appropriate packing, and the appropriate design, cosmetics producers can avail an opportunity that is available for taking.    Read more:   Tubed Packaged Goods Making Your Products Stand Out  



The most eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is made from recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials such as glass, bamboo, and paperboard. It is important to look for packaging that is recyclable and made from renewable materials.

Yes, toothpaste tubes can be reused if they are washed out and dried thoroughly. Some toothpaste tubes can also be recycled, but it is best to check with your local recycling center to see if they accept them.

The cheapest product packaging depends on the specific product, but generally speaking, cardboard boxes and paper bags are the most cost-effective option. Other popular and cost-effective packaging options include bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and shrink wrap.

Sugar cane tubes can be recycled in the same way as other paper products. Most curbside recycling programs accept paperboard or cardboard, so as long as the tube is clean and dry, it can be placed in the appropriate bin.


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Kesiyu Packaging specializes in manufacturing the best quality packaging tubes. Our company is famous for producing high-quality packaging by fully utilizing various resources in the best possible manner. These encompass a skilled workforce, expert team, modernized machinery, and upgraded technology. It has strictly met its quality standards by employing an international quality examination unit that regularly examines its packaging tubes. Quality evaluators from worldwide are leading this unit with their full dedication. Our company has developed its image as a competitive supplier selling its premium packaging tubes at the lowest price in the competitive market.

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As one of the best manufacturers of packaging tubes, we make sturdy packing tubes. Thus, these tubes will not break even if they fall from the hands of your customer's packaging staff while packing products. As a well-reputed plastic tube packaging manufacturer, we make our packaging tubes lightweight. Thus, they will not significantly add to the weight of the products packed in them by your customers, which will cut down their delivery costs. As one of the well-established manufacturers of packing tubes, we have sold our premium packing tubes to very famous cosmetic brands and toothpaste makers. As one of the best makers of packing tubes, we have equipped our packaging tubes with the ability to protect the products packed in them from ultraviolet rays. Thus, your customers must not feel concerned about the exposure of their products to ultraviolet rays. As a well-known plastic tube packaging manufacturer, we produce packaging tubes in various sizes. Thus, you can buy them in bulk per your customer's demands and needs. As one of the well-known wholesale plastic tube packaging suppliers, we produce our packaging tubes with different designs. Thus, you can buy packing tubes with different designs according to your customer's requirements. 


As one of the best makers of packaging tubes, we produce dust-proof packing tubes. Thus, dust will fail to contaminate the products packed in them. As one of the well-reputed wholesale plastic tube packaging makers, we produce packing tubes in different colors. Thus, according to your customer's requirements, you can buy them in bulk in whichever color you want. As one of the well-reputed wholesale tube packaging makers, we have equipped our toothpaste tubes with the ability to let their final-end users use all the toothpaste packed in them. As one of the well-known makers of packing tubes, we produce our cosmetic packing tubes with polypropylene. Therefore, our premium cosmetic packing tubes are chemical resistant. Thus, even the harshest chemicals will fail to contaminate the gels, lotions, and creams packed in them. As a well-known wholesale cosmetic tube packaging maker, we have made easy-to-open cosmetic packing tubes. Thus, your customers will face no problems in opening them to pack their cosmetic products. As one of the packaging skin care products suppliers, we produce leak-proof packing tubes. Thus, your customers will not complain about the leakages of their products. 

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As a well-known cosmetic tube packaging exporter, we produce cosmetic packing tubes ideal for storing favorite lotion creams, serums, moisturizers, skin care products, and others. As one of the eminent packaging skin care products suppliers, we have equipped our cosmetic packaging tubes with the ability to be easily squeezed. Thus, the final-end users of the cosmetic items packed in them will face no problems squeezing the cosmetic products from them. As a well-reputed plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturer, we produce cosmetic packaging tubes with washable materials. Thus, your customers can wash these tubes before packing their cosmetic items in them. As an eminent plastic tube packaging supplier, we equip our cosmetic packaging tubes with the ability to protect the cosmetic items packed in them from contamination by germs. Thus, germs will fail to contaminate the products packed in them. Therefore, your customers will never receive complaints of health problems from the final-end users of the cosmetic items packed in them. 


As a famous plastic cosmetic packaging manufacturer, we produce our cosmetic packing tubes in different shapes. Thus, you can buy these tubes in bulk as per the requirements and demands made by your customers. As one of the well-known wholesale cosmetic tube packaging makers, we also produce customized cosmetic packing tubes. To do so, we will produce our custom-made cosmetic packing tubes according to your specific requirements, such as size, shape, design, and materials. As one of the well reputed wholesale tube packaging suppliers, we produce customized toothpaste tubes. To do so, we will make our custom-designed toothpaste tubes according to your specific needs by asking you questions regarding the size, design, shape, and materials required by you.


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As one of the well-reputed wholesale cosmetic tube packaging makers, we strive daily to equip our cosmetic packing tubes with user-friendly features. Likewise, we are also trying to equip our toothpaste tubes with user-friendly features. These efforts have helped us dominate the competitive market for packaging tubes. As one of the popular wholesale plastic tube packaging makers, we are always ready to meet our delivery deadlines. Thus, one of our shipping team members will get our packaging tubes supplied to you through one of our shipping contractors on time.