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Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Cosmetic Tubes for Eco-Friendly Users

Many brands are switching to eco-friendly production. Traditional brands and startups of cosmetics can go eco-friendly with us. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. uses recycled plastic for less waste of resources. We manufacture skincare tubes with recycled plastic by processing various steps on them. These tubes are safe for users, and they can use them very well. When you use post-consumer recycled plastic tubes, it will create a sense of responsibility in you. You will be contributing to reducing the plastic waste in the environment by doing that. We use that plastic in cosmetic tubes instead of letting it threaten the environment. Our cleansing process is high, and each tube goes through quality assurance.

Custom Production of High Quality PCR Tube is Also Available

You can choose custom production of post-consumer recycled plastic tubes. We provide customization in printing, size, color, caps, and other aspects. Our production includes soft tube spa cream packaging for hair care. In this process, we use many layers of plastic to ensure the thickness and protection level of the tubes. It helps them protect the gels, creams, and liquids from dust and germs. This is how many brands can meet eco-friendly packaging targets through us. You can choose colors in packaging that can meet environmental protection marketing better.

Start Placing Large Orders for Large Discounts 

You can get numerous tubes for your cosmetics and skincare brand from us. All of them are available in bulk at wholesale rates. We have low rates for you and for every buyer who wants to buy in bulk. This massive production helps us attain low-cost supply. Our plastic cosmetic tubes of post-consumer recycled nature are much more affordable. We do low-cost recycling on a large scale, so we can offer you economical rates. You will be willing to purchase in large quantities when you find out the rates. They are very easy on your pocket.

Kesiyu Packaging is a Certified Manufacturer for Every Brand 

Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. uses mega extrusion processes to reach a huge capacity of production. We have been producing plastic cosmetic tubes for many years. To stay ahead, we meet every element of quality assurance. Also, our R&D department meets with a futuristic approach for more access to eco-friendly tubes. It includes our certifications in REACH, SGS, RoHS, etc. With the help of these certifications, we supply post-consumer recycled plastic tubes globally.