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OBP Tube


Use Ocean Bound Plastic Cream Tubes and Save Marine Life 

Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. is producing ocean-bound plastic tubes for many brands. Those brands who wish to go eco-friendly can approach us. We are contributing to the safety of marine life by manufacturing OBP tubes. We do OBP plastic tubes wholesale production for different types of products. It can be cosmetics, personal care goods, or anything that comes in a tube. Collecting and recycling plastic from the ocean can save many marine creatures. We are using that ocean-bound plastic to manufacture various types of tubes. Our OBP tubes are safe for whatever you fill in them. From treating the plastic to producing tubes, we use safe methods. That means you should be heading to us to place orders.

Top-Notch OBP Tube Custom Production for Your Brand

We not only treat ocean-bound plastic but also provide custom production. You can choose sizes of tubes for different types of gels, creams, and lotions. Our printing option is also available in different types for color matching your brand. We manufacture caps in different shapes for each type of tube. Adding layers to tubes makes them more resistant to multiple environmental threats. Startups and online stores can ask us for custom production. It will be a cost-effective way to have an outsourced production of tubes.

Take Advantage of Ocean Bound Plastic Tubes Wholesale Supply 

It is not about some tubes but a huge size of production. Kesiyu Packaging is a top-notch OBP tube supplier that can offer you pocket-friendly rates. Our rates are very low, and it is because of the production size. Therefore, we have a global reach. It helps us to supply OBP tubes in mega quantities to international buyers. The recycling of plastic, production of tubes, and printing are part of it. We sell these OBP tubes in large volumes to cosmetics and skincare brands. If you want to use these tubes for other products, you can ask us for production.

We are a Global Supplier with Safe Practices and Compliance

Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. meets all the global rules and regulations in production. You can trust our methods and OBP tubes. They go through the top extrusion process, treatment, and quality control department. These cream tubes become better and more sustainable when we do further processing. OEM and ODM services make us a prominent manufacturer in the industry of cosmetics and skincare tubes with decades of experience. Likewise, we have compliance with REACH, SGS, RoHS, etc.