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Exquisite Plastic Tube Packaging Supplier with the Smoothest Flow

Plastic cosmetic tube packaging requires leakproof and impenetrable material, and Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. can provide that. We are a well-established plastic tube packaging supplier in China for cosmetics and personal care products. Our packaging will lead to the utmost satisfaction for users while using cosmetic tubes. Not only does cream need high-quality production, but packaging also requires the same. As a plastic tube packaging exporter, we aim to manufacture an unbeatable standard of cosmetic tube packaging. Many beauty care brands look for foolproof packaging for liquid content like creams, gels, and lotion. We can supply all the packaging tubes to meet their objectives.

Buy Plastic Tubes in Bulk and Get Very Low Prices

For those who are looking for wholesale prices, Kesiyu Packaging can fulfill their wish. As a plastic tube packaging supplier in China, we supply bulk quantities at low rates. It is because of our capacity of producing 50,000 pieces per day. Kesiyu Packaging is an OEM and ODM to meet different sizes of MOQs. We have giant machines packaging to produce ultra-valuable plastic tubes for cosmetics, toothpaste, and various products. By purchasing our low-cost plastic tubes, you will have much better results in product costing. Our tubes are not only affordable for bulk purchase, but they are also above par standards.

Plastic Tube Packaging with a Multitude of Sizes, Materials, and Layers 

We are aware of customization, and we provide different sizes, materials, and layers in our packaging. From 5ml to 500 ml, you can avail of any capacity of the tubing. Also, as a plastic tube packaging exporter, we ensure options from 2 to 5 layers in our tube packaging. HDPE, PP, LDPE, and green PE will be quite an extensive range of materials for you. We ensure that our clients get every kind of material for various packaging. Besides, 98% biobased packaging will be a fine option for eco-friendly cosmetic brands. Whether you need to avail of oval or round tubes, we have both shapes. Even our screw and flip-flop caps will help you provide ease of use for users.

What Makes Kesiyu Packaging Better than Others?

Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. is a plastic tube packaging distributor in China with ISO 9001: 2015, SGS, RoHS, REACH, and Biobased production certificates. Our safe processes with ethical practices help us fulfill the orders of every client around the world. In order to keep things smooth, we ensure great health and maintenance of our workers and high-tech machines respectively. To gain all the benefits above, you can simply start exporting plastic tube packaging from Kesiyu Packaging.