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The cheapest product packaging depends on the specific product, but generally speaking, cardboard boxes and paper bags are the most cost-effective option. Other popular and cost-effective packaging options include bubble wrap, plastic wrap, and shrink wrap.

You can cut our stocked tubes to your desired length using a band saw or a cold saw. The type of saw used will depend on the material of the tube and the desired accuracy of the cut.

Our tube packaging is highly rigid and secure. We use durable materials and construction techniques to ensure that our tubes can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling.

Yes, our packaging is air/water tight. We use specialized seals and lids to ensure that our tubes are securely sealed and protect the contents from the environment.


Tip-Top Standard of Plastic Tube Packaging for Cosmetics

All cosmetic brands want leakproof plastic tubes for expensive products. This is why it is important to get super-standard packaging from Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. If you are a cosmetic brand, you must know how much impact packaging has on consumers. Every woman can identify the standard of a cosmetic company through their packaging plastic tubes. We can manufacture impenetrable tubes for skincare and cosmetic products for everyone. Cosmetics will make a better impression on consumers via our packaging. Every personal care product deserves sensational packaging to attract buyers. You can get that from us for a multitude of liquid cosmetics. Creams, gels, and lotions remain safe and secure inside the packaging products of Kesiyu Packaging. 

Economical Prices, Bulk Production, and Mega Supply

A lot of cosmetics and skincare products are available in our catalog. Every buyer in the world can purchase them in bulk to get reasonable rates. Large order means that you will be getting factory rates for skincare tubes. They are cost-effective for us, which is why we sell them at a cut price. If you want to know our production size, it is massive. We are packaging tube manufacturers with a production capacity of 50,000 pieces per day. This is why we are an OEM and ODM too. Every kind of tube is available here for classic and modern cosmetic types. Even if a buyer can not afford large orders, they can purchase even with small MOQs. 

Wide Capacity and Size Range for Packaging Products

There are many types of cosmetic tubes in the world, which have their specific benefits. We can manufacture different sizes of tubes for different cosmetic products. Thus, buyers can choose sizes, materials, and layers in our production before they place an order. We have plenty of options for all bulk purchasers. Buyers can find a range from 3 ml to 380 ml packaging plastic capacity in the tubes. This means we can manufacture tubes in any size a buyer wishes. Similarly, each size represents a different cosmetic product. Sunscreen needs a large capacity, while lip gloss requires only a little tube. We welcome all international cosmetic brands to purchase low-cost cosmetic tubes at discounted rates.

Double to Quintuple Layering for the Safety of Creams and Gels 

The layering of materials matters a lot in the packaging of cosmetic tubes. Some materials need thick layering, while some adjust with thin layering. We provide many options to buyers in our production. These factors are important for beauty packaging manufacturers like us. Safety from temperature, dust particles, and contaminants is important here. No brand wants its consumers to get skin allergies because of poor packaging. That is why we offer layering options from 2 to 5 layers. Some sensitive creams need quadruple and quintuple layering for better sustainability.  Similarly, we use plastic layering of PP, HDPE, LDPE, and other materials to provide better support from the inside as well as outside. Skincare and cosmetic brands who want to have tube packaging cosmetics can contact us for more details. Our tubes have better squeezability for every kind of cream and gel. They will show no sign of puncture or cracks after some months or years.

Suits Every Type of Cosmetic and Skin Care Products

There are many types of products in the market that improve and beautify the skin. When we talk about liquid products, only a plastic tube comes to mind. That is why you will get many types of packaging options at Kesiyu Packaging. We are beauty packaging manufacturers with an extensive range of product types. You can ask for the production of tubes for foundation, concealer, lip gloss, eye cream, lotion, hair gel, face wash, etc. All these products have one thing in common, which is a squeezable tube. Just a little pressure on them and enough amount of cream/gel can come out of them. To keep them safe from additional pressure or suppression, we provide boxes too. We are tube box manufacturers that can supply cosmetic tubes with boxes in a better way. 

Offering Biobased Packaging for Organic Tubes

In the upcoming years, many brands might switch to organic cosmetics. For them, they will be needing organic packaging. To meet their needs for organic tubes of cosmetics, we use green PE for biobased tubes. Likewise, we use green packaging for every size and type of tube for environmental safety.  If a cosmetic brand wants to purchase them, we can be their green product packaging box supplier. Our production includes 98% biobased material, which is pretty great for a safer environment and users. This eco-friendly mode will help all organic skincare brands to meet the demands of the masses.  

Multiple Types of Caps and Shapes for Plastic Tubes

In order to make it more interesting, we provide options for oval or round tubes. Every brand has some regular products and some special ones. We have the capacity to produce tubes in different shapes and designs. You can choose whichever matches your imagination. Our plastic tube packaging for cosmetics is available in simple as well as state-of-the-art designs. Also, you can choose which kind of cap you want for them. Screw, flip-oriented, and flip-flop caps are here to match multiple shapes of tubes. 

Providing Printing Facilities in Different Options

All a buyer needs to do is place an order, share what kind of printing they want, and here are the results. We have a printing facility also. Since we are wholesale tube box manufacturers, we can provide printing services to every buyer. You can choose the type of printing you want because each type has a different impact and cost. Buyers can choose printing options as per their budget. We have options like offset printing, screen printing, hot screen printing, and labeling. This is all about providing choices to buyers, so they can decide better. In the industry of packaging tube manufacturers, Kesiyu Packaging provides a wide range of printing options to its customers. Our service is fast with clear-cut results. 

Customization and Private Label Services  

Private label service is a way of getting your cosmetic brand launched with less resources. We can manufacture bulk tubes for many brands through our private label service. Choose the color, size, design, labeling, logo, and every feature through our private label service. It is a part of our customization service. Buyers should prefer us because we are also a product packaging box supplier. In our custom service, we also manufacture boxes as per the color theme of the brand. You can ask for logo printing and your brand’s theme color for cosmetic tubes in our customization production. It is a cost-effective and time-saving service every global brand can avail of. 

Why Choose Kesiyu Packaging?

Know some reasons for choosing Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. We are a packaging company of cosmetic tubes with a fine number of worldwide buyers. What makes them purchase from us is our compliance with global regulations of packaging. Our workers and machines contribute to making us packaging tube manufacturers with high success in the industry. We have certificates like RoHS, ISO 9001: 2015, REACH, SGS, and Biobased production for this large production. Thus, you will find bulk buyers approaching us for wholesale rates, custom services, and top-quality tubes. Cosmetic, skincare, and similar fields have a consistent need for packaging services. We provide those services and you can also avail of them.