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Multi-Function Tube


Kesiyu(Zhejiang) Packaging Co Ltd: Your one-stop shop for cosmetic tubes

Kesiyu(Zhejiang) Packaging Co Ltd is a leading multi-function cosmetic tubes manufacturer. We use the best quality materials to produce our multifunction tubes to meet the needs of our customers. A specialist team here ensures we always have bulk quantity stock for multi-function cosmetic tubes throughout the year.


Our skilled workers specialize in every aspect of producing tubes. We use the latest technology to ensure that products here meet strict quality standards. A quality inspection team examines their quality at every production stage. As an affordable wholesale cosmetic tubes supplier, we sell our multifunction tubes at the lowest prices in the market.

Durable, Easy-to-Use, and Tamper-Proof Cosmetic Tubes

We make our multifunction tubes with durable materials to ensure they last long. Thus, these tubes will remain intact regardless of their wear and tear during handling and transportation. Our multifunction tubes are simple to hold and use. Your workers can easily pack cosmetic products in them even with wet hands.


As a well-reputed wholesale cosmetic tubes maker, we make leak proof cosmetic tubes to ensure that the cosmetic products packed in them remain uncontaminated. We are a renowned cosmetic plastic tube manufacturer who equips multifunction tubes here with the ability to prevent tampering to keep cosmetic products safe in them.

Promote Your Brand with Customized Cosmetic Tubes

Feel free to promote your brand image with our multifunction tubes. As a leading cosmetic plastic tube manufacturer, we offer customization services to our customers. We can print your brand image and logo on our cosmetic tubes. We sell our multifunction tubes in different sizes.


Hence, you can purchase them in whichever sizes you want according to the demands of your customers. You can pack cosmetic products in our multifunction tubes, such as eye cream and body lotions. Our multifunction tubes are available in different colors. You can buy them in whichever color you want as per your customers' needs.

Fast Production Speed and On-Time Delivery

Our customer service team is available to answer your every question regarding our cosmetic tubes. We produce our multifunction tubes at a fast production speed. This production speed helps us meet even the shortest delivery deadlines for our customers. We offer great discounts to your customers.


Feel free to compare our lead times and minimum order quantities with our customers. This comparison will make you realize that you can make a lot of savings by buying our cosmetic tubes. We keep our workers and machinery ready to meet our delivery deadlines immediately. Thus, our shipping contractor will supply you with our products on time.