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ABL & PBL Tube


High Demand ABL & PBL Tube for Cosmetics, Medicines, and Edibles  

Explore both aluminum and plastic barrier laminate tubes for creams, pastes, and gels. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. has both PBL and ABL tubes for every brand. Your packaging problems will be over now. Personal care and cosmetics industries should try our PBL and ABL tubes. By choosing us as your squeeze tube supplier, you will get better customer satisfaction. Brands of toothpaste, cosmetics, ointments, and many other types of products need our packaging. You need ABL tubes for those liquids and gels, which need special protection. Likewise, PBL tubes will be for mild chemicals.

Place Orders for ABL and PBL Tubes with Customization

Liquid and gel need multiple layers in the tube for higher protection. Our production includes multiple types of plastics and top-grade aluminum foil for layering. These layers will prevent every chance of mild penetration and cracking. Similarly, no contamination or damage from environmental elements will take place inside tubes. We perform various types of printing on tubes in the custom production. This customization is for you, and you can choose any color, size, printing, and other options. Buyers who want impressive tubes for a better impression should take our custom services.

We Do Bulk Supply of ABL and PBL Tubes Worldwide

Since we have an ample volume of production, we offer large discounts. You will get budget-friendly prices by purchasing in bulk. Buyers from local and international markets try to find wholesalers of PBL and ABL tubes. You can purchase high demand ABL & PBL tube from us in bulk. Kesiyu Packaging is also a wholesaler that supplies tubes at reasonable rates. This huge volume of production makes it possible for us to offer every buyer high discounts. We do OEM and ODM supply of ABL and PBL tubes. We have a mega production capacity to deal with your gigantic orders.

How Do We Manage Such Huge Orders Successfully?

We have been manufacturing tubes in the skincare and cosmetics industry for decades. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. works on each element of production. We can be your squeeze tube supplier if you want a reliable partner in production. Our compliance with international standards makes us stand out in competition. The following REACH, SGS, RoHS, etc. help us meet the safety of tubes. Both aluminum and plastics in the production go through quality checks. The research and development department works on the durability of tubes.