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Pure Aluminum Tube


Resilient Empty Cream Tube Supply for Any Kind of Cream

Creams and lotions work better in tubes than jars. No chance of dust or germs spreading through fingertips. To make creams work like that, you need Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. Once consumers start using your cosmetics in our tubes, they will feel a big difference. That difference comes from high-grade aluminum foil.


We manufacture face wash tubes with aluminum foil for high squeezing. A lot of personal care products need only aluminum tubes. We can manufacture those tubes for every personal care brand. Shaving creams, herbal gels, and any kind of liquid chemical can survive in aluminum tubes. 

Bulk Supply of Low-Priced Pure Aluminum Tubes 

Purchasing low-cost aluminum tubes from us will benefit you in many ways. Our production takes place in large volumes. The reason is that we provide OEM services. It includes ODM services also. Avail economical rates for empty cream tubes, and get cost-effective production of creams.


This is what every personal care brand would wish to do. We can supply low-cost tubes of aluminum foil for your cosmetics creams. There are lots of cost benefits if you purchase in mega volume. We supply them according to your budget. Just ask for quotation and discounts services.

Customization for Layers, Printing, and Packaging for Your Brand

Custom production is all about your choice of colors, layers of tubes, printing type, etc. We are providing that service to every client of ours. Multiple layers will give extra thickness to aluminum tubes. This will not compromise the squeezability of tubes. Whether it is a shaving cream or a face wash tube, we know the standards of production.


You will get quality and customization exactly how you want. Eye-catching printing with striking colors will impress consumers. From logo printing to labeling, everything is in our custom production.

Why Should You Buy Pure Aluminum Tubes from Kesiyu Packaging?

You want to have a supplier who would follow internationally-recognized standards and procedures. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. follows every mandatory step to stay ahead. From the safety of the product to the consumer, we ensure each element of aluminum tubes.

To supply globally, we complied with many certifications. Some of them are ISO 9001: 2015, REACH, SGS, RoHS, etc. The aluminum foil we use is safe and reliable. For the sake of quality assurance, we fulfill every objective of production. Now you have many reasons to choose Kesiyu Packaging.