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Toothpaste tube

Yes, toothpaste tubes can be reused if they are washed out and dried thoroughly. Some toothpaste tubes can also be recycled, but it is best to check with your local recycling center to see if they accept them.

It depends on the material of the tube. Some of our tubes are made of a biodegradable material, such as PLA or paperboard, and will biodegrade over time.

We use plastic materials in our tubes that are designed to be recycled or reused. Additionally, we strive to use only the most sustainable and eco-friendly materials to minimize our impact on the environment.

We use materials that are accepted by most recycling facilities, such as PET and HDPE plastics. We also label our tubes with the appropriate recycling symbols to help ensure that they are accepted by recycling centers.


Toothpaste Tubes Manufacturer with Impenetrable Material

Toothpaste is very invulnerable to air particles, and it needs super-sealed tubes. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that can meet all your demands. We have always focused on the material thickness of tubes. Toothpaste is among the most consumed FMCG goods in every country. You can choose us as your toothpaste tubes supplier for the highest quality you seek. To make them impenetrable, we use the finest plastic in them. This leads to high user satisfaction no matter which brand they use. We can manufacture them for any brand, whoever places the order. This is why we tend to keep our level high to ensure the highest standards in production. Therefore, many toothpaste brands can select us as their plastic toothpaste tube supplier. Toothpaste is something every household needs in grocery. That is why we have enough capacity to meet large production of toothpaste brands in the world. Both local and international brands can place orders for them.

Protection of Toothpaste from Dust and Air Particles

To make sure that the tube is securing the paste, we use multiple layers of protection in it. Likewise, we use PP, LDPE, HDPE, and even green PE in production. Multiple layers of coating eliminate any chance of contamination. Kesiyu Packaging is a plastic toothpaste tube supplier that uses 2 to 5 layers of packaging. It ensures that the paste inside the tube is well-protected. No dust or bacteria can get inside it. All these reasons make us a fine producer of them. To simplify it, we keep consumer safety on priority. That is why we also offer green packaging options to buyers. Eco-friendly toothpaste brands can choose us as their toothpaste tubes manufacturer. We can manufacture tubes of green material/biobased material for them. This attribute will be beneficial for them to supply environmentally friendly toothpaste. Users will be able to discard tubes without any fear of damaging nature. 

Zero Chance of Puncture and Leakage 

What matters here is the resistance level of the tubes. If a tube can not resist mild or low penetration, that is not suitable for usage. What we do here is increase the resistance level by adding various layers of materials to it. From 2 to 5 layers of protection, we can claim that the tubes will be able to bear light and moderate penetration of sharp objects. Since we are a prime toothpaste tubes supplier, you can always ask for custom services related to layers of protection. If we discuss the materials we use at the protection level, we prefer only top-grade materials. To illustrate, we use plastic, LDPE, HDPE, etc. Also, we offer green PE or biobased material with high leakage resistance to many buyers in the world. Poor-quality tubes will never withstand leakage and punctures. This case is not with the Kesiyu packaging.

Providing Options for Green Packaging

In the last few years, many brands in the world of cosmetics and toothpaste decided to use green packaging. The reason is plastic pollution, which is increasing every year. We are an OEM toothpaste tube manufacturer with 98% biobased material. This makes us meet the green production requirements of clients. For those buyers who wish to get this material for pristine toothpaste, we have enough capacity for it. They can easily place their orders for green packaging. This will allow them to attract a better target audience who wishes to buy green products. We are an empty toothpaste tube supplier, which can manufacture tubes in any size and layer as per requirements. Moreover, we have an ample capacity of around 50,000 pieces per day. This leads to a high supply of toothpaste tubes from our end. Kesiyu Packaging is a superior manufacturer that knows how and when to manufacture empty tubes for toothpaste brands.

Kesiyu Packaging Offers Discounted Prices to Wholesale Buyers

As we shared that our production capacity is around 50,000 pieces per day, so you can consider us a wholesale toothpaste tube supplier. We will offer extremely reasonable prices to each buyer who wants a large supply. Our OEM and ODM services will make way for buyers to get low prices. In order to get those wholesale rates, buyers will have to buy in bulk. Moreover, we offer private label services to all the buyers in the market. Many brands who wish to launch their toothpaste via private label service can choose us. We are a wholesale toothpaste tube manufacturer that can produce any size of the tube through a private label service. What makes our service unique is timely delivery and wholesale rates. In a massive market of toothpastes, Kesiyu Packaging can meet any size of production a buyer wants. Our economical prices make us distinguished in the wholesale industry.

Customization Options Buyers Can Find for Toothpaste Tubes 

To buy custom toothpaste tubes, you can place your order anytime. We provide customization in size, shape, logo printing, and various factors. Buyers can purchase plastic tubes from Kesiyu Packaging for screw caps, flip-flop caps, etc. Many kinds of toothpaste are available in different caps as per their usage type. If you are ordering for simple usage, you can place an order for flip-flop caps. We have enough size of production. We manufacture custom toothpaste tubes in different sizes ranging from 3 ml to 380 ml. In this customization service, you can ask for round, flat, and oval shapes of tubes. Both traditional and novel designs are available at Kesiyu Packaging. We provide silk screen printing, offset printing, hot-stamp, and labeling services too. This makes us a private label service provider for any kind of plastic tube.

More Reasons to Buy from Kesiyu Packaging

Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. is an empty toothpaste tube supplier with top standards of private label services. We ensure that the customers, as well as consumers, successfully use our tubes without any discomfort. Users of every age will easily squeeze the tubes for better access to paste toothbrushes. Kesiyu Packaging is an OEM toothpaste tube manufacturer that has enough certifications to meet global standards. Namely, we have ISO 9001: 2015, REACH, SGS, biobased products, and RoHS certificates. They make our production acceptable for worldwide supply.