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Mar 17,2023

Boxes vs. Tubes: Choosing the Best Packaging Method

When we talk about the methods that are being used in the world of packaging and in the world of box packaging, we get to see that there are the most well-known and highly used methods in the form of cardboard boxes and in the form of tube packaging. The first thing that we see is that both these methods of boxing and packaging are used in order to protect the products that are packed inside them. When it comes to the selection of the material that should be used for the purpose of packaging, we get to see that there is no confusion in the fact which product should be used. The use of cardboards is preferred by the employees that are based in both the small and the large-scale industries; same way, the use of tubes is preferred in industries to add on different products that could be in the form of liquids and in the form of semi-liquids as well as both of them offer good protection according to the type of product that is placed in them.


Tube Packaging

When it comes to tube packaging, we get to see that tube packaging is considered a packaging solution that is widely seen be used as the packaging solution for the use of creams, ointments, gels that are used, and any liquids or semi-liquids as well. It can also be seen being used in the protection of solid products providing a layer of protection. It protects it in a way that prevents the contents from breaking. However, when it comes to the availability of tube packaging, we get to see that there are a variety of options that are available in the form of tube packaging. They are in the form of advent plastic tubings and aluminum tubings, etc. However, we get to see that the advantage of plastic tubes is far more than the use of aluminum ones. This is because of the fact that custom plastic tube packaging is the type of tube that can hold more of the content, whereas in the case of tubes that are made up of aluminum are commonly seen to be used for different purposes. Still, when it comes to the use of the tubes that are made u of cardboard and are eco-friendly in nature thus, they are also suggested to be used. There are various tube closures that are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These are the type of containers that are considered ideal for the purpose of usage for an extended period of time. 


Uses of Tube Packaging

When we get to see the use of these tube packaging, they are seen to be used for a variety of reasons. Some of the commonly used features include the use of tube packaging. We get to see that this packaging is used in the use of


Packaging kinds of toothpaste

Packaging facewash

Packaging Creams

Packaging Ointments

Packaging gels

Household products





Food products

Packaging all types of semi-liquids and liquids.


Tube packaging can be seen in the packaging of solids as well. These tube packagings are preferred to be used not only because of the fact that there are various features and advantages that are associated with the benefits of the features, but we also get to see that this tube packaging can protect and store products for an extended period of time. There are various other features that are associated. They are in the form of:

They are ultra-thin in thickness

They are available in a variety of thicknesses of walls as they are available in:



Medium walled

Heavy walled

They have a sealed bottom

They are suitable for mailing and carrying around

They can be used in hanging


When it comes to the cardboard box packaging, we get to see that these boxes are the type of products that are used in order to package the products in a way that completes the outlook of the product as these boxes play a dynamic role in order to lure the customers. Moreover, when it comes to the attractive features that are associated with the use of these boxes, we get to see that these boxes are used for the purpose of packaging in order to prevent the contents inside them from being damaged. Great packaging ensures that the product that is present inside the box would be the same in terms of greatness. 


Types of Varieties in Packaging Boxes

We get to see that there are a variety of materials that refer to the term cardboard. This includes cardstock paper board and products that could be in the form of corrugated fireboard. Thus, it suggests that among the option of box packaging, there are three different types of materials that are seen to be used, classifying these cardboard boxes into three main types that are usually named custom cardboard boxes that are rigid boxes, folding cartons, and corrugated boxes as well. Rigid boxes are the type of boxes that do not collapse or fold easily this is because of their sturdy nature that they have. They are designed keeping in mind that they need to hold sensitive products like electronics and cellphones. The same cardboard boxings are seen to be used in order to package various other products like cereals, medicines, soaps, perfumes, etc., as they are the type of boxes that provide good protection to the contents that are present within them. These boxes are also used because of the fact that they can be a branding advertisement for themselves as they can be printed with the label and the logo of the brand. Moreover, they do not require any extra thing to note down the contents related to the product, whether it is in the form of ingredients or the instructions, or even it is the nutritional value as well. 


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How to Produce Custom Cosmetic Tubes from a Supercilious Producer

  The cosmetic tube is a form of packaging intended for the shipment and sale of cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye shadows, and foundations, but can also be used to hold toothpaste, shampoo, and many other liquids. There are some great makeup tips out there that can help you give your customers experiences that will have them coming back for more as opposed to looking and feeling less than beautiful!   There are many types of cosmetic tubes, but they are mainly in three forms. Cosmetic tubes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. These can vary depending on the product that is going to be filled inside it. Similarly, the color which you pick for your tube will impact how attractive it looks. Cosmetic companies use these tubes to add value to their products.   Cosmetics Brand's Personality Branding your product is one of the most important things that need to be done before writing down a content strategy. We’ve previously explored how the sugarcane tube design industry is changing, and we can expect to see more companies trying new techniques and creative designs. But while rebranding your image may seem like an obvious step if you feel behind or that your brand is no longer entirely representative of what it once was, developing a core identity first could be less wise than some might imagine. A strategic branding program should also take into consideration local laws; Seattle’s logo is championed as being “Seattle Cool.” It also includes a dot on its bars that shows the city’s altitude on an aeronautical map, clearly indicating Seattle as high up above sea level – it can also be considered potentially offensive to people who live in cities at lower altitudes or around mountains.   The target market for your beauty brand Just because you're selling luxury cosmetics (or things in general) doesn't automatically mean that your consumers are affluent people with lots of money to spend. Finding target markets and different customer personas can be tricky, but it is crucial to know who exactly you want your product to appeal to as this will help determine the best color palettes and styles needed to hit that particular market. For example, a struggling MLM makeup line with relatively unknown branding might see results when they begin targeting professional women in their 30s instead of tweens.   Is your packaging in need of professional assistance? If the answer is yes, then one option you might want to explore is getting in touch with a packaging designer. If a professional has insight on the different marketing directives for products intended for maximum exposure, visibility, and recognition in an offline setting versus products that are sold exclusively online there are numerous steps to consider when it comes to creating an optimal package design out of the gate. Product details, formulating processes, and claims are all important considerations for your package design. But what about the size of your bottles and canisters? How will you get products safely up to consumers’ refrigerators after delivery on a hot summer's day even if no one is home? Or conversely, how will customers be able to store large quantities at their leisure in condominiums or personal homes, away from extra refrigerator assignments that might not match the food they’re storing it in?   These four key considerations when considering the final packaging design for your company have something to do with weight and will be considered throughout the process of selecting an industrial container. But that’s not all really, we must also consider what type of security is needed for storage, how long a product should keep fresh (and whether there are limits on shelf life).   Containers for Cosmetic Packaging The type of container you'll choose for your items is the basis of plastic tube packaging design. Based on the type of product you may be selling, you’ll already have a starting point for your design, so it will make your life much easier having one of these containers designed and ready to take forward once you need to start working with different cosmetic product packagings such as bottles (glass and plastic), boxes, compacts, droppers, jars, packets, palettes, pumps, sprayers, tins or tubes. A packaging design is normally based around the concept of branding, the ornamentation to company identity that designs are made to display shown on a product. The ‘target’ audience for your cosmetics or health products may be women who have skins sensitive experience stress-related acne pregnancies and many different skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea so the aesthetic side of things should work hard with packaging designs in order to create a brand that is attractive, sophisticated and approachable while still being both functional ranging from cosmetics to health and wellbeing.   Our Glasgow packaging design studio works with different types of cosmetic product designs this works closely with you when designing your cosmetics packaging schemes whether it be individual bottle or box lot packaging. There are many factors in consideration such as the size of your company (whether big or small), production capacity, tax responsibility, and, most importantly, your cosmetic product’s qualities, for example, effectiveness or aesthetics. The full spectrum of packaging solutions is provided to you.   Design Elements for Cosmetic Packaging Any of these items are designed to make the buyer feel beautiful, good, and special. The way to get their minds around trying your product is by telling stories involving the customers in a variety of situations where the product would be used so that the very idea of not owning one can seem cumbersome, strange, and out of place. Another way to initiate the sale is to ask for an immediate commitment from the customer and tell them that if they don't take action now, you may never have another opportunity like this one. Your goal here isn’t necessarily just selling a single product it's making sure there is a line of products in the future where their unique needs can be addressed with your service or device. If you follow these steps and exit each call with a sense of confidence and accomplishment, you've made a sale. With the tools as perfect as yours, there isn't anything that couldn't be sold if it was unique enough to a specific clientele." Read more: How To Design Cosmetics Packaging?  

What kind of plastic is best for making cosmetic tubes?

Mainly plastic bottles are composed of materials like polypropylene or polyethylene. They are added with a range of organic solvents. Plastic bottles widely employ PP, PE, and PET as raw materials, supplemented with conforming organic solvents and warmed up at high temperatures. Then injection molded, extruded, or blow-molded through plastic molds, mainly utilized for solid or liquid one-use plastic packing containers like cosmetics, food, beverages, etc. People cannot break plastic bottles easily. They are composed of highly transparent, low-cost, and food-grade raw materials. PP, K material, acrylic, ABS, AS, PET, etc., make up plastic bottles. PET is an environment-friendly material with high barrier qualities, lightweight, non-breaking attributes, vital transparency, and chemical resistance.    Sugarcane packaging tube can turn PET into transparent, magnetic white, colored, pearlescent cosmetic tubes. It is used widely in the gel water field, and therefore, it is the best kind of plastic for making cosmetic tubes. Generally, the mouth of the bottle is standard 24#,22#,18#, and 16# caliber, which people can utilize with a pump head. The material AS is more transparent and challenging than ABS. In the packing design of cosmetics, it's essential to reflect the product's key details, such as the usage methods and functions for showing the most valued cosmetics parts in front of customers, get the high-quality cosmetic tube in bulk can symbolize by color.   The stages of the production process of round shaped cosmetic tubes   1. Extracting tube to meet consumer needs, the conforming diameter of the tube and length are pinched out of the body of the tube.   2. Shoulder injection According to the matching cover circumstance of the customer, note the conforming shoulder   3. Offset printing-one to six-color screen printing, according to customer needs, determine the matte and gloss effect.   4. Labelling, bronzing, and screen printing- according to the design draft needs of the customer, complete the labeling, bronzing, and silkscreen procedures.   5. Seal or cover, according to the requirements of the customer, seal or lock   6. Full inspection- inspect the quality of the product. Ensure a hundred percent factory quality.   7. Packing- according to the packing needs of the consumer, packing and moving out of the factory.   The Stages of the Oval Cosmetic Tube Producing Process   1. Extracting tube to meet consumer needs, the conforming diameter of the tube and length are pinched out of the body of the tube.   2. Shoulderless offset printing-one to six-color screen printing, according to the customer's requirements, determine the matte and gloss effect.   3. Shoulder-less screen printing, labeling, and hot stamping- according to the design draft needs of the customer, completion of the screen printing, labeling, and hot stamping procedures.   4. Shoulder injection—According to the cover situation of the customer, note the conforming shoulder.    5. Seal or cover: seal or lock according to the customer's requirements.   6. Full inspection- inspect the quality of the product. Ensure a hundred percent factory quality.   7. Packing, according to the customer's packing needs, packing, and moving out of the factory.   Applications and demand for plastic tubes Plastic tubes are amongst the most commonly used containers for personal care, hair care, and cosmetic products. The demand for cosmetic tubes inside the cosmetic industry is proliferating. From 2020 to 2021, the international market for cosmetic tubes grew at four percent and is likely to grow by 4.6 percent shortly. Tubes can be used in many industries and meet market demands on several fronts: practicality, functionality, durability, lightweight, sustainability, and looks.   Here is a look at tube trends in recent times   From Soft to Rigid Several cosmetic corporates prefer tubes because they create a smooth and soft touch. Due to their softness, they can be turned into almost any shape. Another reason why several cosmetic corporates prefer tubes is low cost. The weight of soft tubes is lower than that of rigid containers. Thus they need lower prices. What's more, the softness of the tubes makes them simpler to utilize. You only need to press the tubes, and then you would get products found inside the tube.   Green Tubes Eco-friendly packing has become highly popular. Tubes corporates also find methods for making their products environment-friendly. Polymerase chain reaction materials, lightweight aluminum, or sustainable biological materials like sugar cane and paper are decent choices. These options need either less power or can be reprocessed; therefore, they have a low carbon footprint.   Airless Tubes Airless tubes have become a leading trend in the cosmetics industry. Compared to conventional tubes, airless tubes bring some other advantages. They can efficiently protect the products from being polluted by some pollutants. Simultaneously, their air isolation features also protect their active ingredients and expand the shelf life. Moreover, the method employed to fill them is simple as conventional ones.   Advanced Surface Handling Techniques Tubes let nearly every pattern be designed onto their surface. More significantly, it lets more high-end surface and sophisticated handling methods, ranging from digital printing, warm foil stamping, and silk screen printing, be employed on their surface.     

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