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Aug 17,2022

Everything You Should Know About Packaging with Sugarcane Fiber Tube

Our environment has been facing some significant threats for some decades. This threat is none other than global warming. Developed countries are doing everything to battle environmental pollution in the form of electric vehicles, biodegradable products, renewable energy, and forestation. Likewise, developing and underdeveloped countries are trying their best to cope with this issue amid economic challenges. For that, they replaced plastic products with paper ones, and now they are replacing paper products with bagasse or sugarcane fiber.  This sugarcane fiber can be used to produce eco-friendly papers, tableware, and food containers. Even packaging materials like sugarcane tube packaging and molded boxes are helping companies tackle environmental challenges.     How is Sugarcane Fiber Packaging Made? It all starts with sugarcane’s byproduct, bagasse. After sugarcane juice is extracted, leftover fiber is turned into pulp. The pulp is then processed at a high temperature to be turned into packaging material.  Before this biodegradable packaging of sugarcane fiber, it was used as a fuel for thermal energy. Likewise, this bagasse fuel helped industries cope with fuel costs, which greatly helped them. However, using it as packaging material is a better option than fuel. Now, it is being used to replace plastic, a great initiative to tackle environmental challenges. Since plastic consumption is among the worst challenges for our planet, these eco-friendly products bring hope. Moreover, lots of plastic packaging is causing severe problems for sea, air, and land creatures, which is an alarming sign for Earth. Things will be much better if we promote this sugarcane fiber tube packaging.      Which Packaging is Produced with Sugarcane Fiber? Let’s talk about the packaging types produced with sugarcane fiber. From food to electronic accessories, bagasse packaging covers many products. In addition, products that cannot be carried in paper packaging can be carried easily in sugarcane fiber packaging.     Tube Packaging Plastic tube packaging has been in use for almost a century, and it has helped us in many ways. However, things are getting out of control since global warming has rapidly increased. Now, sugarcane fiber tubes are about to replace plastic tubes, which is something new for industries and consumers. The best thing about them is that they won’t damage the environment and are recyclable.     Shopping Bags From plastic to paper and paper to biodegradable paper, these shopping bags have been transforming into better options with the passage of time. Since they are a part of shopping, they can’t be removed easily. All we can do is turn them into an eco-friendly product. Now, sugarcane fiber is upgrading these bags with a much-advanced option where decomposition will not be a challenge anymore.   Food Packaging/Tableware The food we order must be in safe packaging. Otherwise, it is not worth it anymore. That’s why sugarcane fiber is the best option to replace plastic packaging. When hot food is stored in plastic clamshells, polythene releases toxic elements into the food. We never know how much it impacts our health until it is too late. But if you use biodegradable packaging, your health will remain safe. Moreover, having tableware made of this material can be beneficial compared to plastic ones.   Molded Packaging  Whenever we buy products like cell phones, gadgets, cosmetics, etc., we get them in molded packaging according to their shape. What we don’t notice is that these packaging materials are not environmentally friendly, and we often throw them away without knowing the consequences. Since bagasse/sugarcane fiber packaging was introduced, molded packaging has become safer and more recyclable than ever before.   Which Tableware is Produced with Sugarcane Fiber?  As we have discussed, there is more to food packagihaveableware.themor instance, if you are having a picnic, you may need lots of disposable tableware. But if you use plastic disposable tableware, you may cause plastic pollution, which is incorrect. However, this tableware, made with sugarcane fiber, can fulfill your needs and decompose in the ground. The items below can be found easily on the market.  Clamshell  Compartment plates Trays Cups Bowls Cutleries Plates   Benefits of Sugarcane Fiber Packaging? The most significant benefit is its biodegradable feature. Besides, it can replace plastic quite easily with the help of these core benefits.   Environmentally Friendly and Recyclable  They will not harm the environment because they will not cause toxic fumes like plastic. Moreover, they will take around 40-60 days to decompose completely. They are great even if you want to use them as thermal fuel. Besides, they can be recycled easily.   Insulating Bagasse packaging keeps food warm, just like a plastic container. With enough insulation, your food will remain warm without harmful effects from this packaging.    Microwave-safe Another feature of this product is that it is microwave-safe. You will no longer worry about the harmful effects of heating food in the microwave and its box. These bagasse boxes are safe from it, but make sure you don’t overheat them.     Refrigerator-safe Similarly, it is refrigerator-safe, just like the above one. It will not explode like aluminum and glass containers. You can store meat, ice cream, or other food in the refrigerator.    Water and grease-resistant Their incredible benefit is their good resistance against water and grease. Now you can understand why they are replacing plastic packaging.    Durable  They will not collapse easily like paper packaging of food, and you can surely keep food in them for a more extended period. It is an excellent product for food businesses in terms of food delivery.   Final Words The range of sugarcane fiber products may expand with the help of more research and development, which will be a great move. As a result, our environment will suffer less than before. Lastly, animals will no longer succumb to plastic pollution as we see today.   Read more:   Packaging We Love - Squeeze Tubes    

Jun 2,2022

Cosmetic Tube Packaging - Everything You Need Know

When it comes to the packaging of a product, we see that the packaging is quite an essential part of the product. Even before we get to use a product or make any views regarding it, the first thing that we get to see is the product's packaging which helps us decide whether we should buy the product or not. It is not wrong to when packaging speaks a lot about the product, but it is also a protective cover for the product. The same packaging also serves the purpose of having all the written details related to the product's information. Thus, one can consider it more like an advertisement for your product, whether it is in the form of a gel or any other product that needs packaging.     Benefits of Using Cosmetic Tube Packaging   When we pay attention to the insights of the futures market, we see that the cosmetic tube increase the personal care applications represent a large segment of the products that are using tube packaging to give packaging for the cosmetic products that they give. These tube packaging are considered an excellent way of packing these products. Because not only does tube packaging offer an excellent way of packaging cosmetics, but there are also various other benefits that they serve. Some of the main benefits f using these tube packaging methods are:   Lower in terms of prices When it comes to the reduction of cost, cosmetic tube packaging is considered one of the most important types of business decision that one could make, not only because of the ease and convenience that they bring along but also because of the fact that they are a cost-effective solution that is highly useful for the reactive brands that are seen to be constantly engaging in bringing out new products that are in line with the new trends in the market. They are also useful because they c produced quickly, in low amounts, and the bulk quantities    Versatility in Packaging One of the main benefits of using tube packaging for the packaging of cosmetics is the fact that they bring versatility to packaging. Whether one chooses an extrude plastic tube that could be squeezed or one goes for a general type of tube that could be used in various industries as well to provide packaging to the cosmetic items. These laminated, squeezable tubes are highly preferred used for the materials like toothpastes and body and hair creams. In contrast, aluminum tubes are preferred for paints, colors, dyes, adhesives, foods, etc. thus. One can look for the material that can go best and the product they are planning to use it for.      Along with the choice of the type of tube that you can select for your makeup product, one can also get a variety of the types of lids that they can choose according to their requirement. There is an option of flip lids, screw top lids, brush tips, roller balls, etc. All these types of lids are selected based on the kind of product they are used for.    Eco-friendly These tubes are also considered ideal because of the fact that along with the packaging of your product, these tubes also allow you to make the most from your product as not only one can fill the precise amount, but one can also squeeze out the product till the last drop as well this would help prevent the wastage of the product and also it would help reduce the waste. It is further used as an environmentally friendly option because the raw material used to make these tube packaging is of various types and is made from environmentally friendly material, like bagasse.     Protection of the Product  These solutions for packaging are considered an ideal option for your liquid cosmetics as not only do they provide a solution for packaging, but they are also regarded as significant because of the fact that they can protect the product with the help of a secure lid and sturdy exterior acts as an effective barrier against contaminants light, air or other substances.   Read more:   Everything You Should Know About Packaging With Sugarcane Fiber Tube    

Mar 4,2022

Six Benefits Of Using Cosmetic Tube Packaging

There are multiple reasons why tubes are the most popular type of lip balm packaging. They offer great protection, they are very attractive to customers, and also provide lots of room for branding on the tube itself. These simple but purposeful tubes can be used for almost any type of lip balm product including gels, creams, or if you have a thicker product (but still want it in a tube), lotions.   Lower Price The cost-effectiveness of tube packaging is something we need to look at now and again to have a good understanding of the implications. Tube packaging doesn't need specialist equipment and can be produced quickly and cheaply. This means that reactive brands with a constant stream of new products might be interested in tube packaging due to their ability to put new products out on the shelf fast.   Packaging Versatility One of the most notable benefits of cosmetic tubes is how versatile they can be. There are three main types to choose from: Extruded plastic squeeze tubes are widely used in multiple industries, making them one of the most popular choices. Laminated squeeze tubes, such as those used for toothpaste, are favored among those who need to preserve their formulations because these cans are hermetically sealed better than plain plastic tubes. Aluminum metal squeeze tubes are another popular choice because they're impermeable and durable; however, these particular tubes aren't suggested for products with a higher acidity level or alkalinity levels because this could cause corrosion when using aluminum metal caps. Take your time to decide which type of tube or cap best suits your product and brand image to help stay on budget while also providing your customers with a quality packaging option.   Eco-friendly Tube packaging is seen as a more eco-friendly option when it comes to lip balm products. Tubes are so great. They make the most out of your product by allowing you to easily control how much is dispensed for a more precise amount for very exacting consumers who want the most out of their money. Tubes come in many different varieties that offer many functions, including pumps and nozzles that help consumers get every last drop so it's not wasted.   Product Protection Tubes provide an excellent option for packaging and maintaining cosmetics and products. They are commonly made of plastic, look very similar to big marker pens, and are often transparent, so users can see where the product is at all times.   Transportation From a producing and distribution standpoint, tubes take up less space than other types of packaging. This is beneficial for companies that want to lower their shipping costs or minimize the number of resources needed to store products before shipping.   Attractiveness Cosmetic tubes are often made from colorful plastics and metals, which gives them a visual appeal that can be very attractive to customers. This is why tube packaging is often used for lip balms, as it can be very tempting for customers to want to buy the product based on its packaging alone. There are many reasons to consider using cosmetic tubes as your packaging option of choice for lip balms and other cosmetics. They are cost-effective, versatile, and provide great protection for your products. They are also very attractive to customers and can be made in a variety of colors and styles. Tubes are a great option for companies that want to minimize their shipping costs or reduce the number of resources needed to store and transport products.   Usability One of the main benefits of using tubes is that they are easy to use. The design is simple, and the tubes are often transparent so users can see where the product is at all times. This makes it easy for people to get the product out without wasting any and also helps them to keep track of how much product they have left.   Read more:   Cosmetic Tube Packaging - Everything You Need Know

Feb 28,2022

How to Design Cosmetics Packaging?

The cosmetics industry has become so vast in recent years, new brands that have just started from scratch are already competing with the big names in the industry. How did this shift occur? The brands that have been here for decades didn't become popular overnight; it took them years to get to this place. Any brand can get the formulation of the cosmetic product right because now, after all these years, what is it that one can't find on the internet. You can start your own brand just by learning the formulation and everything related to the cosmetics through the internet. Therefore, the ingredients of all these cosmetic products are usually the same except for one or two secret ingredients, which every brand likes to keep as a secret. Hence it is very easy for any brand to compete with these big names on this basis; then, what is it that makes a brand stand out and become more popular than the other? Believe it or not, it is the packaging, but the packaging really makes a huge impact. After all, the first thing that comes into notice is the packaging, then trying and testing the product comes after that. Therefore, it is mainly the packaging of your product that catches the attention of a customer and gets them to try and buy your product.  Things to Consider Before Designing Your Cosmetics Packaging Gone are the days when cosmetic packaging existed solely for securing the product; now, the role of cosmetic packaging is very diverse. The first modern-day thing is relatability; people are more interested in things that are relatable in any sense. Relatability should be the core element of your cosmetic packaging; if a customer can relate to your brand and connect with your products on different levels, then you have it all together. Therefore, you need to incorporate the element of relatability into your product. After that, you must integrate the personality of your brand into your packaging. Research about your market and centralize the people to who your brand appeals in your product packaging. All this would help you in drafting a design for your product packaging; for more ideas on these product packaging designing factors, you can search for different cosmetic brands and closely examine and analyse their packaging. Doing this would help you get some inspiration for designing your product packaging. Elements That Come in Designing Cosmetics Packaging In designing the packaging that too of cosmetics, the first thing that comes in is the choice of the container; all the products that the brand has developed need to be packaged in a container, but with a handful of choices available in containers, the selection becomes overwhelming. The types of containers for cosmetic packaging include bottles, compacts, boxes, droppers, packets, jars, pumps, palettes, tins, tubes, and sprays. Some of the cosmetic products need to be packaged in a specific container like the eyeshadow always has to be in a palette as it can't be packaged in a bottle or pump, obviously. However, you can always experiment; just make sure that the type of container you choose for a product is practical and makes it easy to use the product rather than making it difficult. Therefore, you can use a palette for the lipsticks instead of tubes; it's not that the tube isn't good; in fact, almost any buyer of plastic packaging tube  can get you the best design in tubes, but for variation, you can break the norm.  The color of your packaging needs to stand out; your product placed among hundreds of other similar cosmetic products of other brands in an aisle would instantly catch a customer's attention with its color. Your product needs to pop up, and it is only going to be its packaging color that would shout out to people, "I am the best among all." The color palette is vast; you can try out color schemes like black and white, pink and purple, pastels, and other cool tones.  Font and typography on your packaging must convey such emotions that people easily connect with your product. There are thousands of fonts available for you to choose from; you can collaborate with font or typography artists for this as they have a better understanding of each font style and what emotions do they convey.  The final element that would complete your packaging design is a pattern. Your cosmetic packaging needs to have some pattern on it, even minimalist or very extra, but there has to be a pattern. There are no rules in selecting a pattern for your packaging because there is no right or wrong everything is good; you just need to figure out what will look good with your color palette, font, and container type. Whatever represents your brand the best is your pattern; then, once it will all come together into one piece, you will be amazed!   Read more:   Six Benefits Of Using Cosmetic Tube Packaging  

Feb 23,2022

Digital Printing for Cosmetic Tubes

  A growing challenge for cosmetic tube is the growing trend among beauty brands towards smaller run sizes and SKU proliferation. More recently, however, corporate cosmetic tubes have become popular among stock packaging options. (Cosmetics compliance should be familiar territory to HVACR professionals, as it follows much the same protocol as pharmaceutical packaging.)   The use of digital printing has become a very effective way for cosmetic tube producers to meet these demands while maintaining product integrity. Collapsible tubes, which require only one stroke when closing and are also used in other applications such as over-the-counter medications, can easily incorporate additional graphics on multiple sides using this technology.   In addition to a single text or digital images, collapsible tubes allow for multi-color as well. (The first use of this technology in an obscenely large 1 oz pressurized container was made by Gerber.)   Affixation Printing for Cosmetic Tubes This is another method that belongs on the long list of best practices but doesn't appear very often at all when discussing cosmetic packaging issues Whether affixed with a glue stick and adhesive or with a sewn stitch, there are times when an end cap is utilized.   While adhesive labeling technology has made great inroads over the years, and these companies offer printing options for virtually any label format imaginable, this method falls by the wayside due to the cost of production. The process renders it unsuitable for large-scale packaging runs or bulk orders that may not justify purchasing all new presses (the standard minimum press size from most adhesive labels is 48 units).   For example, the use of letterpress technology adds a one-time cost to this scenario. In lieu of affixation printing on tubes, let's look at what other operations could be performed with two presses in tandem and how that solution allows for additional flexibility over typical single-sided press solutions (see image below). Specify tube diameter up to 30 mm Tips Build smaller capacity Internal 'pocket' is designed for bottom wraps;   Cosmetic Tube Decoration in the Future Cosmetic Tube Decoration in the Future While the question of what will be printed on the cosmetics tube is far from resolved, it certainly seems that an end cap is almost a requirement these days.   For compressed cream or gel containers, in particular, we can expect to see encasements and even cap applicators integrated with small label printers by 2015 according to webBizLab's Michael Seamus McCarthy.  Until then, end caps are simply going to continue being produced "the way they have always been" according to Alex McCulloh, who works for Mountain State Packaging.   He's alluding to advancements in tube technology including curving ends and these new plastic tubs look nothing like the plastic tubes of 2013. According to McCarthy, designers will likely want a way of concealing most or all open-ended necks involved in cosmetic applications such as creams that require tube removal by hand.   Cosmetic lovers might find this an interesting opportunity if they don't mind the additional responsibility of dealing with tubes themselves.  How much would you pay to have a tube maker come out and push your hubcap into place on your wheel? Is it relatively easy to push a straight-sided tube in place?   From the left: Tango, Corvus, VivoShop, and Poppin. A new soft gel peanut butter from a LITE retail brand can be squeezed or manipulated into shapes thanks to slight variations in wafer thickness by The Double Dutch.   Read more :   How Do You Fill A Cosmetic Tube?  

Feb 9,2022

How do you fill a cosmetic tube?

Are you tired of tossing away seemingly empty cosmetics tubes, only to find out later that there was still some product left? Don't fret! We've got you covered with some amazing beauty hacks that will help you make the most out of your beloved makeup items.   By following these simple steps, you can ensure that you extract every last drop of product, increase the longevity of your cosmetics, and even save some money along the way. Let's dive into the world of cosmetics filling and discover the secrets of maximizing your makeup game!   Prepping Your Cosmetics Tubes Before we jump into the filling process, it's crucial to prep your cosmetics tubes properly. By doing so, you'll ensure that your new makeup stays fresh and performs at its best.   Scraping out the Remains When you reach the end of your old makeup, grab an old knife or spoon and make sure to scrape out any remnants from the container. This step is vital for two reasons: it makes the next steps easier, and it improves the performance and lifespan of the new makeup you'll be putting into the same container.   Filling Your Cosmetics Tubes Now that you've prepped your tubes, it's time to fill them up like a pro! Follow these steps to maximize your cosmetics and make them last longer.   Shake It Up! Before you start filling, give your makeup bottle a gentle shake. This motion ensures that the product is evenly distributed and ready to be transferred to your cosmetics tube.   Oil-Based Makeup Remover Magic To kickstart the filling process, pour approximately 1 inch of oil-based makeup remover into the container. You can use common cooking base oils like olive oil or baby oil. This step helps to break down any leftover makeup residue and prepares the tube for the new product.   Skin-Friendly Oil Boost Next, add a skin-friendly oil to your cosmetics tube. This could be a vitamin E capsule, a couple of squirts of Vitamin A and D ointment, or even a teaspoon of Vaseline jelly. These ingredients not only help seal in moisture but also preserve the freshness of your makeup, extending its shelf life.   A Dash of Water Once you've added the skin-friendly oil, it's time to introduce water to the mix. Add approximately 1 inch of water to the product container and give it a good shake. The water helps to maintain the consistency of your makeup and ensures a smooth application.   Pro Tip: Lipstick Upending To get every last drop of product out of your lipstick tube, try this pro tip. Leave your lips slightly parted as you upend the bottle.   This technique ensures that you extract every ounce of lipstick while also preventing any spills or messes. This trick can be applied to other cosmetic products as well, allowing you to make the most out of every purchase.   Benefits of Proper Filling Techniques By following these expert filling techniques, you'll reap several benefits that go beyond maximizing your cosmetics. Here's why it's worth investing some time in proper filling:   More bang for your buck: Using these techniques from the start will help you get the most out of your makeup products, ensuring that you utilize every drop and extend their lifespan.   Enhanced performance: By scraping out remains and properly filling your cosmetics, you'll notice improved performance from your makeup. It will apply more smoothly, last longer, and give you that flawless finish.   Moisture seal: The addition of skin-friendly oils and water helps to seal in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day. Say goodbye to dry patches and hello to a radiant complexion.   Freshness preservation: These filling techniques aid in preserving the freshness of your makeup, preventing it from drying out or becoming clumpy. Your cosmetics will remain in their prime condition, ready to enhance your natural beauty.   Wrap Up Don't let a seemingly empty cosmetics tube fool you! With these expert beauty hacks, you can maximize your favorite makeup items and get the most out of your purchase.   By prepping your tubes, properly filling them, and following the tips and tricks shared in this blog post, you'll extend the lifespan, enhance performance, and preserve the freshness of your cosmetics. Say goodbye to wasted products and hello to a more efficient and cost-effective beauty routine. Get ready to rock that flawless makeup look with confidence!   FAQs Q1: Can I use other types of oils for the oil-based makeup remover?   A1: Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different oil options, such as coconut oil or almond oil. Just make sure they are suitable for your skin type.   Q2: Is it necessary to add water to all cosmetic products?   A2: Water is not required for all products. It is mainly used to maintain the consistency of certain makeup items like foundation or cream-based products. Skip this step for products that don't require water mixing.   Q3: Can I reuse the same container for different types of makeup?   A3: It's generally recommended to use separate containers for different types of makeup to avoid any cross-contamination. However, if you thoroughly clean and sanitize the container between uses, you can repurpose it.