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The most eco-friendly cosmetic packaging is made from recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials such as glass, bamboo, and paperboard. It is important to look for packaging that is recyclable and made from renewable materials.

We use precision cutting and welding techniques to ensure that our tubes are strong and durable. We also perform rigorous quality control tests to ensure that our tubes meet the highest standards of quality.

Cosmetic tubes are used in a variety of applications, including: packaging and dispensing cosmetics, creams, lotions, serums, and other beauty products; storing small parts and components; and packaging and shipping samples of products.

We can print a variety of decorations on our squeeze tubes, including custom logos and artwork, text, and other images. We also offer specialty coatings, such as glitter, metallic, and pearlescent, for added visual appeal.


Cosmetic Tube Packaging Manufacturer for Bulk Production

Numerous cosmetic brands worldwide offer distinct qualities. They emphasize the quality of chemicals. But when we talk about tubes and packaging, the only answer is Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd.

No matter which brand it is, we provide packaging services to everyone. That is what makes us a wholesale cosmetic tube manufacturer. We can produce grade-1 quality tubes for local as well as global cosmetic brands. A poor tube can cause lots of damage to the reputation of a cosmetic brand.

We can provide packaging services to save you from that embarrassment. If you are a cosmetic brand. Choose your bulk cosmetic tube packaging provider. You never want to miss an opportunity. One of our objectives is to satisfy our client with the ultimate quality in production. We always improve our processes to offer the highest standard of packaging.

Various Sizes, Surfaces, Layers, and Types 

Manufacturers require options for cosmetic tube manufacturing. These options should include various sizes and layers. Manufacturers make a choice. Some choose thin layers. Others opt for thick layers.

They use these layers in their cosmetic tubes. It depends upon the cream/gel/lotion inside them. By offering 2 to 5 layers of options to buyers, we claim to be a versatile cosmetic tube manufacturer. We can enable our production to match the needs of buyers. Similarly, buyers can get shiny, matte, and glossy surfaces in cosmetic tubes. It depends upon the branding level of buyers. We have many options to add features to the cosmetic tubes.

Likewise, buyers can choose the size and capacity of tubes from 3 ml to 400 ml. Some cosmetic tubes are for quick applications, where a small size is better. To get bulk cosmetic tube packaging, you can always contact us. In addition, we provide options in caps of cosmetic tubes. Buyers can get screws and flip-flop caps as per their demands. Our job is to offer facilities, so every buyer can have more than they need.

Airtight Tubes with No Stiffening and Leakage

Air pressure is very important in cosmetic tubes for better squeezability. Our tubes have an optimum level of air pressure for better usability. Users will never have to face any problems related to them.

It means that lip gloss, moisturizer, eye cream, and every liquid cosmetic will come out of the tube easily. We maintain our quality of production. We're a committed cosmetic tube packaging manufacturer. Famous brands can order top-of-the-line quality. We ensure they get what they need.

Kesiyu Packaging ensures that the cosmetic tubes do not stiffen after some time. High flexibility is necessary for them to let users squeeze for an adequate flow of gel/cream. We use various types of plastic, such as HDPE, PP, LDPE. These layers ensure they are resistant to minor damages. They are not susceptible to leaks. To provide better safety, we manufacture cosmetic tube boxes also.

We Have Reduced Prices for High Affordability 

We supply mega quantities of cosmetic tubes. We aim to reach multiple buyers simultaneously. The main reason is our desire to cover a wide market. To make it better, we offer factory rates to every purchaser out there. Therefore, they approach us from different regions of the world for wholesale rates.

To offer them these low rates, we manufacture wholesale bulk cosmetic tubes. In other words, we are a bulk supplier that offers economical prices to everyone. This is the reason why we have a gigantic production capacity of 50,000 pieces per day. This is why we are an OEM and ODM in this industry. As a result, our cost of production gets reduced, which makes the prices low. Then we can supply wholesale cosmetic tube to every buyer at reasonable prices. Every size of MOQ and every buyer can reach us for bulk purchases. 

Options for Customization and Private Label Services

There are many investors who want to avail of private label services of cosmetic tubes. While some brands do not have enough resources for plastic tube production. Kesiyu Packaging can provide private label services to them with customization. Our wholesale bulk cosmetic tubes are affordable. They are attainable, as we mentioned above.

Everyone can take advantage of these two services we offer. Buyers can get any design they want along with secondary features. These secondary features are printing, labeling, and stamping services. We have enough machinery to provide OEM and ODM services. Not only that, we can produce cosmetic tube boxes in your chosen color, logo, design, and finishing. We offer a private label service. Retailers and distributors worldwide can buy cosmetic tubes from us. Get tubes and their boxes from one supplier. This builds trust and reliability in your audience's minds.

Better User Experience Than Ever Before

Our cosmetic tubes prevent spills. They won't pop open. They keep liquid secure. Users won't face these issues. We use secured caps and seals to make sure that the cream/gel is safe inside them. This is another reason why cosmetic users of our packaging trust us.

Women carry cosmetic products in their clutches and we know how sensitive a tube is. To avoid any mess inside the clutch of women, we manufacture leakproof tubes. Cosmetic brands trust us. We're a global cosmetic tube manufacturer. We've earned their confidence. They see us as reliable. Our reputation spans the world. If you are looking for a manufacturer, Kesiyu Packaging is right in front of you. All the final consumers will never complain about tube failure when they use our tubes. This is another reason why we keep our quality assurance on priority.

Our Production Comprises of Virgin and Recycled Plastic  

We use different types of plastics in production. Each layer in the tube plays a fine role in the protection of the content inside it. In tubes, we use virgin as well as recycled plastic as per the need. We are a cosmetic tube packaging supplier.

Our packaging materials include HDPE, LDPE, PP, and more. These plastic layers create a robust barrier. This barrier protects against environmental particles and moisture. . To reduce environmental pollution, we use recycled plastic in our tubes. This allows us to contribute to environmental protection. Both categories of plastic keep the cosmetic liquid safe from losing its quality. As a result, users’ skins remain safe and undamaged from harmful particles of dust. Each PE cosmetic tube is safe for tubes of cosmetics, baby care, hair care, and also toothpaste.

We Also Provide Green Packaging via Biobased Material 

To combat environmental pollution, we use 98% biobased material. In other words, we use sugarcane material for green packaging. This makes our eco-friendly tubes completely safe for the Earth.

Brands who want to purchase only bio-based tubes can place their orders. We can manufacture green PE cosmetic tubes for eco-friendly cosmetic brands. These tubes are safe for users as well as for nature. This sugarcane material does not leach or cause side effects in any way. Green materials will be in demand in the future. We can supply sugarcane-based cosmetic tubes. We'll provide them to all buyers..

It is Time to Make Kesiyu Packaging Your Sole Supplier

Every buyer of cosmetic tubes wants to connect with a supplier with high integrity. Each client believes in the dedication of Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd.

We have been upgrading and improving our products to stay active in competition. We are a verified cosmetic tube packaging supplier. We hold SGS, RoHS, ISO 9001: 2015, Biobased production, and REACH certificates. . Through this global compliance, we can supply to any buyer in any region. It is time to connect with us for a consistent supply of first-grade tubes for cosmetics.