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Cream tubes are typically used to store and dispense creams, lotions, and other beauty products. To use a cream tube, you simply unscrew the lid, squeeze the desired amount of product, and then secure the lid back onto the tube.

The amount of product dispensed with each pump of a cream tube varies depending on the design of the tube and the product itself. Generally, a single pump of a cream tube will dispense around 1-2 milliliters of product.

Our cream tubes are specifically designed to store and dispense cold sore products, such as creams and gels. Unlike other cold sore products, our cream tubes are airtight and leak-proof, ensuring that the product remains fresh and effective.


Kesiyu Packaging is Supplying Custom Cream Tubes


Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. is a brand behind distinguished-quality tubes. We have been manufacturing tubes for cosmetics and personal care products for ages. This makes us a name that everyone trusts to place orders for high-grade tubes. Our tubes will meet all the demands of consumers of skincare products. The quality we deliver in them makes us a wholesale cream tube supplier. If you are from skincare or any FMCG company, you would need our tubes to fill any kind of gel, cream, and lotion. These tubes will never surrender to any external threat to the environment.


Fill Any Type of Skincare Liquid in these Plastic Tubes


Our cosmetic tubes are ideal for sunscreens, lip balms, body lotions, hair dye, face wash, and hand creams. Manufacturers of baby care creams and lotions require a tube supplier to reduce production costs and save time. Kesiyu Packaging serves as a cosmetic cream tube supplier capable of producing tubes in any size, shape, or type.

Whether you want to fill cosmetic gels, creams, or lotions, they will comply with every content. Besides, manufacturers of hair care creams, gels, and lotions can purchase our tubes. Even brands of medical creams can purchase bulk plastic tubes from us. Each cream, gel, and lotion will have safe protection via the different layers we use.


Our Tubes are Water tight and Completely Sealed


They will provide high capacity and protection to any kind of liquid or paste. Neither moisture nor air can get inside them. That is the level of protection we provide in our tubes.  Every brand must choose us as their cosmetic cream tube supplier to ensure leakproof packaging.

We are a top manufacturer that uses 2 to 5 layers of protection in the tubes. As a result, various factors can not damage the liquid inside the tubes. Further clarifying it, we use PP, green PE, HDPE, and LDPE materials in the production. This allows us to ensure high safety of content from any kind of contamination and leakage in custom cream tubes.


Offering Very Low and Budget-Friendly Prices


In this entire industry of cosmetic tubes, we are supplying at budget-friendly rates. How do we do that? We manufacture cosmetic tubes in bulk to get a low cost of production per piece. This is how we manufacture and supply them to multiple buyers at a time. All the buyers easily avail of reasonable rates from us.

These features make us a wholesale cream tube supplier in the region as well as globally. To complete many orders on time, we ensure a large production size per day. Likewise, we have a production capacity of 50,000 pieces per day. This results in a high fulfillment of orders worldwide. Also, we have OEM and ODM services, which can help buyers avail of our services easily. All these benefits help us provide private label service as a wholesale cream tube supplier.


Place Your Order for the Customization of Tubes


We have a customization service for every buyer who wants to have a precise quantity and type of tubes.  These tubes come in different sizes for specific uses.

We can manufacture all types here. From 3 ml and 500 ml quantities, we can manufacture whichever size you want. Local and global brands can reach us for custom orders. Kesiyu Packaging is a cosmetic cream tube supplier that also provides options like screw caps, flip-flop caps, etc.


Why Buy from Us?


We are a Chinese brand with international supply and demand. Kesiyu (Zhejiang) Packaging Co., Ltd. has proven itself in the global market by meeting every order as per the demand. To make each process smooth, we followed all the mandatory standards. To illustrate, we have SGS, ISO9001: 2015, REACH, Biobased production, and RoHS certificates. They make our way clear to get global orders for general and private label services.